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An open letter to Adele – re: Overexposure

Dear Adele,

Look, I know you’ve got a voice and think you’re hot shit and everything, but please. Can you just shut up for, like, 5 minutes? I would just like to live one day of my life without you in it.

And I swear to god, if I hear that f***ing song one more time (aka if I get that f***ing song stuck in my head one more time) I’ll definitely be setting fire to something, trust me.

It might be your face.

With all due respect,



An open letter to Jane Lynch, re: Barnes & Noble Commercial

Dear Sue Sylvester Jane Lynch,

Sorry for mistaking you for Sue. I don’t know…maybe if you ever played any other type of character / stopped being Sue in everything you’re doing lately, I wouldn’t have made that error.

Seriously though. Jane Lynch, you are, as this guy on Youtube might say, overexposed.

It’s not that I’m surprised. I mean, overexposure is Ryan Murphy’s like one tactic in life. He’s like that kid at school with the new toy, “Hey! Hey! Did you see this? This is GLEE. This is my show. This is my cast. Watch it. Buy it. Own it. Love it. See them live!”

Eff Ryan Murphy. But this isn’t a letter to Ryan Murphy.

Jane, you have to be better than this. I understand that you’re making a lot of money off of being Sue all the time. Yeah, we did really love her on Glee, so again, the idea makes sense. Viewers respond well to seeing your face/tracksuit. But I know I can’t be the only one who’s kind of sick of you always being in our faces. Even that snark is getting old.

I suggest that you ask Mr. Murphy if you could actually develop your character next season. Though I suppose inconsistencies have become Glee’s bread and butter now.

With disappointment from a jaded fan,


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