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An open letter to Christopher Nolan – re: The Dark Knight Rises trailer

Dear Mr. Nolan,



(I suppose I’ll stop yelling now, but believe me, this is with great restraint:)

1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Lookin’ so fly.

2. Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. I honestly didn’t believe she could pull it off, but when she finished hissing “and leave so little for the rest of ussss” into Christian Bale’s ear, I got chills and I was sold. Way to go, Princess Mia!

3. The conclusion of the best Batman trilogy ever, in what looks to be a potentially very dark manner. (Speaking of trilogies, the trailer for Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit was also released recently. Would you ever consider collaborating with Mr. Jackson, Mr. Nolan? I understand, however, if you’re too concerned about brains literally exploding as a result though.)

4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Lookin. So. Fly.

5. Tom Hardy as Bane. Yeah, yeah, I know people have been complaining about him being incomprehensible, but he looks terrifying as all hell and the shot of the blown up football field is something I might have nightmares about. I’m glad they decided not to replace Heath Ledger (may he rest in peace) as the Joker, but I’m even more glad that the new villain is equally as disturbing.

6. Marion Cotillard. Do I know who she’s playing? No. Is she wonderful to the point where it doesn’t matter? Yes.

7. Fatherly love from Michael Caine to Christian Bale. Alfred’s monologue at the beginning…tragic.


Ahem. To reiterate, Mr. Nolan, I just want to express my delight at your latest trailer for The Dark Knight Rises and thank you for creating such a marvelous film trilogy.


With great and dignified respect,



An open letter to Jonathan Lipnicki, re: Jerry to Jiu Jitsu

Dear itty bitty Jonathan Lipnicki from Jerry Maguire and the Stuart Little movies,



In shock,



An open letter to Jane Lynch, re: Barnes & Noble Commercial

Dear Sue Sylvester Jane Lynch,

Sorry for mistaking you for Sue. I don’t know…maybe if you ever played any other type of character / stopped being Sue in everything you’re doing lately, I wouldn’t have made that error.

Seriously though. Jane Lynch, you are, as this guy on Youtube might say, overexposed.

It’s not that I’m surprised. I mean, overexposure is Ryan Murphy’s like one tactic in life. He’s like that kid at school with the new toy, “Hey! Hey! Did you see this? This is GLEE. This is my show. This is my cast. Watch it. Buy it. Own it. Love it. See them live!”

Eff Ryan Murphy. But this isn’t a letter to Ryan Murphy.

Jane, you have to be better than this. I understand that you’re making a lot of money off of being Sue all the time. Yeah, we did really love her on Glee, so again, the idea makes sense. Viewers respond well to seeing your face/tracksuit. But I know I can’t be the only one who’s kind of sick of you always being in our faces. Even that snark is getting old.

I suggest that you ask Mr. Murphy if you could actually develop your character next season. Though I suppose inconsistencies have become Glee’s bread and butter now.

With disappointment from a jaded fan,


An open letter to Lady Gaga – re: “Marry the Night” Video

To my dearest Mother Monster,

You’ve done it again. I’m still thinking about the Marry the Night video – 4 days after its release.

Of course, I love every video you’ve put out, but for different reasons. I love “Judas” because it’s blasphemous yet makes perfect sense. I love “Yoü and I” because you show off your alter egos (especially Jo Calderone. I really like Jo Calderone.) I love “Alejandro” because it’s so fucking weird, you still haven’t explained it, and I don’t think you plan on doing so.

I love “Marry the Night” because I find the opening monologue legitimately interesting.

“When I look back on my life, it’s not that I don’t want to see things exactly as they happened, it’s just that I prefer to remember them in an artistic way. And, truthfully, the lie of it all is much more honest because I invented it. Clinical psychology tells us arguably that trauma is the ultimate killer. Memories are not recycled like atoms and particles in quantum physics — they can be lost forever. It’s sort of like my past is an unfinished painting, and as the artist of that painting, I must fill in all the ugly holes and make it beautiful again. It’s not that I’ve been dishonest; it’s just that I loathe reality.”

Coming back from a semester abroad in Spain, where the reconstruction of historic memory was thoroughly discussed in all of my classes, I find this absolutely fascinating. If memories can be lost forever, and we allow them to be lost forever, what is there to stop us from rebuilding them? Specifically, what is there to stop us from rebuilding them as creatively as want to? By that point, we might as well take ownership of those memories and reconstruct them in a way that we find pleasing, whether emotionally or aesthetically. And once we do, the natural instinct is to demonstrate what we have built, to show off our art to others in the hopes that it will touch them – essentially being honest in our dishonesty.

It’s not that I’ve been dishonest; it’s just that I think Lady Gaga is a genius.

I hope I understood the message, Gaga! Can we hang out sometime?



An open letter to J.C. Chasez – re: second solo album?!

Dearest J.C.,

I realize you must be very busy being the bitchiest judge on America’s Best Dance Crew, but I can’t keep quiet about this any longer.

You were always my favorite member of NSYNC, because you had a great voice and your hair was less stupid than this kid’s. When the band broke up, I was devastated. Now, I’ve read Lance Bass’s aptly titled autobiography, so I know that the break-up wasn’t (completely) your fault. Thus, I don’t blame you for trying out your solo career. Did I buy your 2004 solo debut album, “Schizophrenic?” No, I did not. But I didn’t buy Justin Timberlake’s “Justified” either.

I defended you against all of those people who said that Justin’s solo album was way better than yours. Trust me, it was extremely difficult, because I just can’t jam to “Some Girls Dance With Women” the way I can to “Rock Your Body.” Yet I stayed loyal and true.

Then Justin released “FutureSex LoveSounds.” I mean…have YOU heard the album? It’s fantastic! I shelled out the money for that one, I have to admit. But I never stopped being your #1 fan. I would always argue, “Yeah, okay, Justin brought sexy back, whatever. You wait until J.C. releases HIS second album. It will blow your mind!”

So, J.C. WHERE THE EFF IS YOUR SECOND ALBUM? I’ve been waiting for this one since 2007! I don’t know how much longer I can argue with people and maintain my credibility if you keep sitting on this seemingly forsaken project. Please, from a true fan, and for all that is good in this world, RELEASE THE GODDAMN ALBUM ALREADY.


Frustratedly yours,


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